About me

I started photography as an assistant photographer. At that time I was looking for something exciting to do, and I found photography!

I learned all about lights, and worked only with a analog old Nikon FM2 !

When the digital arrived, I was a bit shy and not so confident about this technology. I had no chance to continue to work with argentic films because of the pressure of my clients!

When I decided to buy me my first digital camera, I had to learn again how to take photos because it was very different…. But I loved it from the first moment on!

Can you imagine the advantage to see the photos immediatly!


It was MY revolution!

At the beginning, it was hard to choose which kind of subjects I liked in picture, and one day my “mentor” said to me: “your photos are very nice but there’s no-one on them… where are all the people?…”

And I started to take people…. and people… and people… And I didn’t stop….

I had a long time about sport pictures too, particulary, golf images, I had the chance to live a long time in Portugal, where there are a lot of golf courses and very nice one! So I started to play…. and I started to take golf pictures.

What a nice life to combine what you like!

Step by step, I decided to be more in events. Now, it’s really my speciality, whatever what is going on, I am ready!

My house is full of lenses, cameras and filters ready to be used everytime a client ask me….

I am looking forward to meet you!

Contact me!